Black Tea Production Process

Withering: There is 70-80% water inside the fresh tea leaves. Withering is to put the leaves on withering levels and blow them 32°C warm weather to decrease the cell water to 50-55%. This increases the elasticity of the leaves and made them suitable for rolling.

Rolling: This is a process to begin oxidation as crushing, curling and broken into pieces the withered tea leaves, using different tea processing machines.

Fermentation: Leaf cells are broken in rolling and cells water liquid arise to leaves surface. The poliphenols and enzymes of cells water reacts against oxygen and causes to fermentation (oxidation).As a result of this process, theaflavins and thearubigins arise and gives quality to the tea as colour, brightness, aroma etc.

Drying: It is given 95-100 °C hot weather in the ovens to decrease humidity into 3-4 % levels.

Sorting : It is process by which the dry teas coming out of the furnace are sorted according to thinness, thickness and quality by screening them through the standard mesh wires.

Packing: ÇAYKUR has been packing as meticulously as possible the top quality tea plants it has been producing and processing for years The HOLOGRAM on the lid is the only way to distinguish the Çaykur brand produced by tea Establishments from other brands.


There are a lot of kind brewing style in the world and no one can say one is true but others are false.
The important point is the tea to leave its extract into water in any brewing style.
To brew a good tea, you need a good master. A good master can produce a good brew from a low quality tea.
It is accepted to brew tea in 3-5 minutes in general, but this is not a strict rule and the time vary in different type of teas.
It is accepted a porcelain teapot to be best for brewing tea, but other kind of teapots can be used

Brewing Tea In Turkish Style

   Although there are some different tea brewing styles in Turkey, this one is almost common among Turkish people:
First put the water into a kettle, put enough tea into a teapot and put the teapot on the kettle.
When the water boils in the kettle, pour some on tea into the teapot. Wait 15 minutes. The tea in the teapot mustn't be boiled but the water in the kettle must be hot. Then pour brewed tea into teacup (or tea glass), half of the cups must be brewed tea and other half the hot water.Brewing time is longer in Turkey, but they add water to brew and they generally use sugar.

1- Tea must be stored in closed container in such a way that it is not affected by humidity and external odours.

2- For brewing, lime-free water and a porcelain teapot are recommended.

3- One spoonful of of tea for each glass is put into a clean teapot and it must be rinsed with lukewarm water.

4- Boiling water in teapot is poured into teakettle.

5- The flame under the teakettle is turned down and the teapot is placed onto the teakettle so that tea boils.

6- The tea must brew for 10-15 minutes and the brewed tea must be drunk in 30 minutes.

Your hot 
Drink natural and healty ÇAYKUR with no chemical medicines used in
its cultivation and with no additives in its production.