The tea that is produced is sent to the Tea Packaging Factories in Rize, İstanbul and Ankara, and then forwarded to the 9 different Regional Directorates for sale.

The General Directorate of Tea Establishments has been packing as meticulously as possible the top quality tea plants it has been producing and processing for years. The HOLOGRAM on the lid is the only way to distinguish the Çaykur brand produced by the Tea Establishments from other brands. This Hologram has been made to protect you against imitations of the Çaykur brand and to reinforce the quality of the Çaykur brand.


   All ÇAYKUR products have TSE and TSEK certificates and their brands are registered. 


Luxurious high quality tea. You will feel again the marvellous aroma, acridity and taste in every sip. Those who are young, Filiz Lüks is just for you. It is sold in markets in packages of 500 grams.


A completely new tea for the Çaykur consumer. We strongly recommend you try this wonderful tea. You will drink tea in every sip through its smell, taste and aroma. You will see the difference there is in being a ÇAYKUR consumer. This tea is specially prepared from fine, golden headed and rolled (BOP1) tea plants. It is sold in packages of 500 grams.

Drink natural and healty ÇAYKUR with no chemical medicines used in its cultivation and no additives in its production.

Rize Turist
Our packaged tea most preferred by our consumers. It complements its faint acridity with a pleasant aroma and colour. A tea drinkable at any time of the day. It is sold in markets in packages of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 grams.

Bright colour, a different taste, marvellous aroma; a pleasant tea in which all these features are provided together. We especially recommend it to housewives. Sold in markets in packages of 200 and 500 grams.

Tomurcuk Kokulu (Earl Grey)
A very special tea with a different taste, flavoured with natural bergamot essence. While it may be used by being blended with other teas, it can also be drunk with pleasure as provided. It has been prepared with care from thin, golden headed and folded (BOP1), folded with little golden head (OP) and very thin broken (F) teas. It is sold in tin boxes of 125 grams.
Demlik Poşet
ECONOMICAL: Only one ÇAYKUR tea bag is sufficient for 2-3 tea glasses.
EASY: Boil the water, allow it to steep for 10-15 minutes, your delicious tea is ready.
CLEAN: You do not need to wash the teapot. It is already clean. Prepared with care from Dust type (D) teas. They are sold in packages of 40 bags.
Altın Süzme
A special tea especially for those who say that "Time is money", and who want to drink tea at any time and place. It is specially prepared from very fine, golden headed manufacturing broken tea plants (OF). It is sold in packages of 25 bags.