ÇAYKUR was established with the pupose of producing dried tea, importing and exporting, providing an investment source by facilitating the accumulation of capital through our productivity-based management policy in order to develop tea cultivation in conformity the agricultural policy of Turkey, of upgrading the quality of tea, processing it according to technical standards, and of meeting the demands of domestic and foreign markets.

General directorate of Tea Establishments

ÇAYKUR General Directorate of tea Establishments-RİZE

Drink natural and healty ÇAYKUR with no chemical medicines used in its cultivation and with no additives in its production.


Between 160 000-170 000 tons black tea are produced in Turkey annually. General Directorate of Tea Enterprises (Çaykur) has 46 tea processing factories and produces 65% of total production. Private sector have a lot of small tea processing factories and produces 35% of Turkish tea.


Tea is national drink of Turkish people. They drink tea daily in their lives both in breakfast and in evening. Turkish people are famous in hospitality and enjoy to serve tea to their guests. About 160.000 tons of black tea are consumed in Turkey every year.