Rize has had many names in its history, such as 'Sannika' under the Pontus Kingdom, 'Pontos Polemoniacus' under the Romans, and, unfortunately, Lazistan under the Ottomans and during the initial years of the republic.However it is not clear where the present name of Rize came from.According to one opinion,the name 'Rhisos' meant rice in Greek, or else 'Rhiza' was a foothill to the Byzantines, either of which was transformed over time to 'Rize'.It is also suggested that the name meant 'bits and pieces' in Ottoman and was used in this way to describ

Written history concerning the area started with sailing voyages to Rize from Miletos.In 680 B.C. Miletans extended theair Black Sea colonies as far as Rize.The region was later invaded by Medes and persians and afterwards was influenced by Ionian and Greek cultures. 

Rize came within the Pontus Kingdom in the early centuries A.D. and was protected from the encroaching


Rize is, 75 km east of Trabzon, is built on a mountain slope and covered with tea bushes which look like puffy green pillows. The vegetation is so dense in Rize that it is virtually impossible to see ground. The shoreline and hinterland possess myriad shades of green. Rize is famous the world over for its flora. There about 20 flowers that are unique to the Rize area. The inner regions coming right to the shoreline, with mountains and plateus, complete the picture while traditional villages and plateau houses blend in with nature to make an enriching contribution. Written history concerning the area started with sailing voyages to Rize from Miletos. In 670 B.C. Miletans extended their Black Sea colonies as far as Rize. The region was later invated by Medes and Persians and was afterwards influance by Ionian and Greek cultures. Rize came within the Pontus Kingdom in the early centuries A.D. and was protected from the encroaching Islamic invasions until the 11th century. The area was then taken by Meliksah of the Great Seljuks. The region was added to the Byzantine Empire after the 11th Crusade and then passed to the Rum Empire of Trabzon. Be sure to see typical Black Sea city’s 16th century Islam Pasa Mosque and the remains of a Genoese Castle. From Ziraat Park you can take in a splendid panorama of the whole area. A lightweight summer cloth of good quality and printed with colorful patterns comes from the Rize area. During the Summer Tea Festival you can purchase the best blend of Black Sea tea. Mehmet Mataraci Mansion, now an Ataturk Museum, displays his personal belongings as well as ethnographical artifacts from the region. Turning inland after Ardesen, on the road leading east from Rize, you comet o the beautiful little town of Camlihemsin straddling a rushing stream. 

    Nearby is the Firtina Vadisi (Valley of Stroms) with the beautiful Zir Castle, and stone bridges from Byzantine times. After walking around Ayder’s rolling meadows, you can relax in one of the many hot springs. For those who like mountain climbing, this is the best starting point for scaling the Kackar Mountains.This emerald range is one of the best and the most challenging for climbers in Turkey. The whole of the Kackar Range constitutes the beautiful Kackar Dagları National Park. South of Rize, on the Kackar Mountains, Anzer village offers the world-famous and healthful Anzer honey, it is a nice area for trekking and for its botany. East and west of Rize, Cayeli Ardesen, Of and Fındıklı all enjoy a subtropical climate, lush green settings and traditional chalets. The Camburnu coast is covered with golden pine trees: many species of migrating birds land here, and it is a lovely area for resting and picture taking. Hopa, an attractive town at the foot of a forested mountain, is the last port before the Turkish-Georgion border. The international boundary actuall divides the village of Sarp. 27 km northeast of the town of Borcka on the way to Artvin, there ia a wonderful alpine lake, Karagol with different pine trees one of the best for visiting the region...

    Rize is one of the smallest provinces of Turkey but also one of the most important since it is the tea-industry center with processing and packing factories. The city is built in an area where the bright green tea bushes cover entire mountainsides. From Ziraat Park in the city you will have a panoramic view of the area and be able to capture that unique beauty. You may have the opportunity, to have the best blend of tea, at the Summer Tea Festival, and taste the very famous, rarely found Anzer honey which comes from the mountains around. Do not forget to purchase high quality, lightweight summer clothes, known by the name of the city -Rize Bezi. In the city the 16th century Islam Pasha Mosque and the remains of a Genoese castle are also to be seen.

In the south of Rize there is an excellent camping spot, at a lovely alpine lake, surrounded by mountains and meadows. This is Uzungol. The beautiful little town of Camlihemsin is a perfect starting point for a trekking tour in the Kackar Mountains. There, you will pass by (Firtina Vadisi) the Storm Valley with its beautiful castle, Zirkale and bridges of Byzantine origin. Ayder comes next, which has many hot springs and it provides good opportunities for a peaceful time surrounded by nature. Cayeli, Pazar and Ardesen are the other towns close to Rize with their typical settings of Black Sea Region.


Rize is a special tourist center the boat steeply-walled valleys, mountains that hallange any grade of climber,crater lakes, emerald like plateaus,and historial bridges and castels.The landscape lands itself wonderfully to skiing,canoeing,treking and hunting,while the people make it a warm and friendly place to stay.

Plateaus: The lush plateaus in the foothills of the Kaçkar Mountains,especially in the region of Çamlihemsin and İkizdere offer a rich life in a well preserved land of clouds and free style lower Kavron,and the Anzer plateaus are a 'Tourism center'. These plateaus are a green paradise for both local and foreign tourists,especislly in the summer months. In the land,where rize is green in every respect of the word, there are number of festivals.the 'Vartevor' draws the most attention.At these festivals the local dress in traditional attire,and folk dances are performed to the accompaniment of backpipe and violin,while a festival atmosphere perwades all.